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Protective coatings for grout and tile

The protective coatings for grout provided by GroutGleam Blackpool act as an invisible shield. It helps protect against dirt, grime and soap scum and also from staining and discolouring. We also provide Tile Sealing. We are based in Blackpool and also cover the Lancashire area. 

Ongoing maintenance

Our coating repels both water and oil leaving an easy to clean surface that is very similar to a non-stick frying pan in performance. The coating does not change the look or finish of the surface. This protective coating is the only all-in-one coating, working on all 3 substrates: glass, tile and grout. We also provide grout refresh and recolour solutions. Contact us today and learn more about our solutions. 

Protective coatings for grout available in Blackpool. Call now

07545 650 832

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