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Grout refreshing and recolouring

Grout refreshing and recolouring can transform walls and doors and eliminates the need to re-grout, reducing the hassle and risk. At GroutGleam Blackpool, we provide our service to both domestic and commercial customers in Blackpool and across the Fylde coast. 

Recolouring solutions

GroutGleam has a range of 9 different coloured compounds. Our compounds chemically bond to the existing grout creating a uniform grout colour that not only looks great but also repels dirt, oil, soil, urine and other contaminants. This service is perfect for old, tired and permanently stained grout lines. Take a look at our recent projects for more details. 

Grout refresh service

GroutGleam utilises a set of unique tools that can be used on any grouted surface. The tools are designed to remove the slightest skim from the top surface, the dirt layer and taking away the discolouration. We then use the GroutGleam Pen to seal and protect the grout surface. We also provide flooring repairs and silicone removal at affordable prices. The most common water leak we are asked to deal with is a result of damage to the silicone seal around a shower tray. A fresh bead of silicone sealant applied by a professional is an effective way to ensure water tightness as well as a pleasing, mould-free appearance.
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Affordable grout refresh and recolour solutions. Call now

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